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Chantal Denoux: 


Chantal Denoux is an award-winning French born Australian filmmaker who travelled to disparate corners of the world while working as a psychologist, journalist, actress and producer. Engaged on social issues with a strong resonance, Chantal has produced acclaimed international documentaries for Denoux Films Productions, which she founded in 2003 on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. 

After completing few international live feature films, Chantal is currently focusing on producing films with Africa and Asia incl. a comedy road film, an historical romantic drama (China) and a documentary about music activists.  Member of Screen Producers Australia (SPA).  

Tony Chu


Tony is a Medical Doctor (University of Sydney) and also an award-winning, experienced director-producer who has made over 35 short films. Within the film industry,

Tony is well-known as the Head of NAFA [Networking Action for Filmmakers & Actors] which he founded in 2002 and Festival Director of Show-Fest International for ten years. He is also an accomplished actor (“Packed to the Rafters”, “Wild Boys”, “All Saints”).

As a screenwriter, Tony creates layered stories that embrace the Chinese angle, Western culture references and diversity in casting. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia, Tony lives with his family in Sydney..

Samantha McHardy Jones:


Samantha’s film career started at a young age which gave her a ride

to secure a scholarship in Film and Television at Bond University, QLD, Australia. 

After graduating with a Bachelor degree of Film and Television Production, she fulfilled many roles as first AD, location scout, floor manager and movie armourer. In later years, her drive to be involved further in business found her continuing studying and working in hotel managements, sales and marketing including rebranding companies and running social media campaigns.

Samantha was born in Australia from British parents born and raised in Hong Kong. 

Honoré Essoh:


Honoré is a filmmaker with about fifteen years of experience. He is known as the screenwriter of Ivory Coast's first two animated feature films. He has then directed and written a dozen movies including documentary films, short and feature narratives and TV series. He is currently the managing director of Studio 6, a company he founded in 2014 which produces content for European and African TV channels. Honoré learned filmmaking in a Ivory Coast TV school and during workshops in Senegal, Tunisia, France and Egypt. 

Hank Orion:


Hank is an accomplished writer and director known for his recent debut feature films ‘Despair’ and ‘The Job’. Migrated to Italy from Ukraine with his mother at the age of 9, Hank was showing interest to the cinema at a very early age and wrote his first screenplay at the age of 12. While studying painting and commerce in Italy, he wrote several feature screenplays and short stories. After moving to London - where he’s currently living - he concentrated on the technical side of filmmaking and later was accepted to London Metropolitan University for Film and Television Production. 

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